Are You Stuck In A Rut?

I’ve had many conversations with clients who describe themselves as “stuck.” Often, they find themselves seemingly paralyzed in a career or a relationship that’s simply the wrong fit. Intuition can help you find the right next steps to take to get your life flowing in a positive direction again.

Are you in a stuck in a rut place right now? Take this quiz and find out!

I Want To Be In A Different Job Next Year.

I Like My Career, But Feel I’m In The Wrong Position.

I Long For The Weekends When I Can Work On My Hobbies Or Other Interests.

I Need To Find Something New That’s Fresh And Creative.

I Feel I’ve Done Everything I Can To Change A Bad Relationship. I’m Convinced It Won’t Get Better And Yet I Can’t Seem To Leave.

I Spin My Wheels And Don’t Know Where To Begin.

My Work Has Become Predictable And Boring.

I Have Other Interests But I Never Or Rarely Pursue Them.

I Don’t Like Where I Am In Life, But I Also Don’t Know What I Want Either.

I Think About Change, But I Get Stuck In Inaction.

I Feel Excited About A New Career Direction But Can’t Figure Out A Way To Earn A Living At It.

I Long For A Way To Make A Contribution To My Community, But Don’t Feel I Can Do It In My Present Work.

My Life Feels Out Of Balance, With Too Much Work And Not Enough Time For A Family, Social And Personal Life.

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