Personal intuitive readings

Intuitive guidance for business and life.

All intuitive sessions are by Zoom or phone.

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The "why"

Do you:

Have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it?
Have questions about the right next steps for your business or life?
Have questions about the future while going through a big life transition (divorce, illness, job loss, etc.)?
Feel stuck and need help getting out of your rut?
Need some fresh insight about a relationship or situation?
Seek spiritual direction about your calling and purpose?
Need some intuitive/creative ideas about marketing your business?
How I can help

An intuitive reading can be of enormous help when you are:

Facing a new challenge or transition
Wanting more out of your personal or work life
Feeling stuck and needing ways to move forward
Seeking help with a challenging relationship
What I do

Your intuitive reading session

You may be feeling stuck or confused but there IS a way out.

I use my intuitive guidance—which I receive from feelings, images, an inner voice and impressions—to see what may be keeping you in that rut, and also to give you actionable next steps to find clarity, abundance and purpose.

I ask you (my client) to have questions prepared before the session.

After an intuitive reading with Lynn, I felt energized and excited as opposed to feeling worried and stressed. She provided guidance on the best way to proceed in regards to my career. For the first time (in a long time) I feel enthusiastic about what the future holds!

Gabriela R.

Lynn is a gifted intuitive. I had a great sense of clarity and energy. I am so grateful to Lynn and would highly recommend having a session with her.

Anne M.

I loved Lynn's honesty, sense of humor and her groundedness. I'm in such gratitude having connected with her!

Martha T.