Are You A Gut Truster?

Your intuition is an incredible resource that can give you clear guidance and direction, bringing greater peace and harmony to your life.  It can connect you with who you really are and help you discover the unique talents and gifts you have that you’re here to share with the world. When you’re in touch with your intuition, every moment in your life takes on a whole new dimension as messages pour in. Your ability to assess each situation for immediate answers allows you to move smoothly on your chosen path. Decision-making becomes quick, easy and fruitful. And you move closer and closer to your best life by divining what is true for you!

The question is…Are YOU a “Gut Truster?” Take this quiz and find out!

I Act On Hunches That Turn Out To Be Right.

I Tune In To How I’m Feeling Before I Make A Decision.

I’ve Argued Against An Obvious Or Logical Decision Because I Just “Knew” It Wasn’t Right.

I Act On The Intuitive Intelligence I Receive.

I Frequently Have “Aha!” Moments That Lead To A Creative Idea Or Insight.

I Pay Attention To My First Impression Of A New Person Or Situation.

My Intuitive Insights Help Me Solve Problems At Work As Well As In My Personal Life.

I Check In With My Gut Before Making Any New Decision.

I Ask My Intuition Questions Throughout The Day In Order To Discern My Next Steps.

I’ve Had Dreams That Gave Me A Creative Solution To A Difficult Problem.

Intuition Enables Me To Have Insight Into Other People’s Behavior That Allows Me To Resolve Difficulties More Quickly.

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