Real Prosperity

In her latest book, author and intuitive consultant Lynn A. Robinson lights the path to prosperity by showing her readers how to access their true dreams and passions and how to tap into their personal wells of abundance.

Refreshingly down to earth and rich with humor, compassion, and compelling tales of success, Real Prosperity points its readers to financial and spiritual prosperity with sage advice, true stories, inspirational quotes, and quick, practical exercises that add a valuable "how to" factor not often found in this genre.

At a time when Americans are sinking into a quagmire of debt and the deeper meaning of life seems to elude even the well off, this wonderful new book offers relief and promises to help its readers chart a course to a richer, more abundant life.

Lynn Robinson has the inside track on abundance in all its forms. I started feeling richer right about page one.

Victoria Moran, author of Younger by the Day and Creating a Charmed Life

I'm a passionate advocate of taking the 'inside-out' approach to creating prosperity. Few people can teach you the secrets of doing this when it comes to business and wealth building. Lynn Robinson is one of the rare people who really can - and does - through this special book. No hype. No nonsense. No pie in the sky. Just real, down-to-earth, easy-to-apply information.

Robert Scheinfel, best-selling author of The 11th Element, founder of The Ultimate Lifestyle Academy

Any book by this author, Lynn Robison is magic. I have three of her books... and they're a valuable part of my personal library. This book goes way beyond the typical "Affirm, repeat, rinse and dry" ....very enlightening, practical and with new insights into personal transformation and intuitive understanding. Buy this book!

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