Put Your Intuition to Work

Intuition has become increasingly important to decision makers who are faced with the challenge of conflicting or inconclusive information. Everyone knows how it feels to realize they should have listened to an instinct. It’s now more important than ever to listen to that “still, small voice.” Put Your Intuition to Work is filled with techniques, stories and ideas to help you learn to access and use this powerful inner wisdom we all possess.

In Put Your Intuition to Work you’ll learn how to:

  • Make successful decisions when you don’t have all the facts.
  • Tap into your passion as a personal source of guidance.
  • Discover the many ways to listen to your “inner consultant.”
  • Be guided by what you feel, as well as by what you think.
  • Identify the primary ways that intuition communicates with you.
  • Envision, attract, and create the life you were meant to live.
  • Find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Put Your Intuition to Work is a powerful amalgam of successful doers and discoverers answering two critical questions: ‘What is intuition?’ and, ‘How can I use it to make better decisions?’ If you have any special twinge or curiosity as you read Put Your Intuition to Work, you have just had an intuitive experience. Buy the book. You don’t need any more information.

Richard Whiteley, Co-Founder of the Forum Corporation and author of The Customer Driven Company

When it comes to the power and possibilities of intuition, Lynn Robinson makes it remarkably accessible and understandable! Lynn’s clear and compelling insights and wisdom about how to apply and use intuition are also impressively illustrated in the many actual stories of intuitive success in action ... You will be amazed and delighted.

Steve Lishansky, CEO of Optimize International and author of The Ultimate Sales Revolution

Put Your Intuition to Work is a wonderful illustration of the use of intuition as a valuable success tool in the workplace. Lynn Robinson shows us how we can harness the power of intuition to experience more happiness, health, and prosperity in every area of our business and personal lives. This is a must read for anyone that would like to achieve a higher level of success!

May L. McCarthy, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and best-selling author of The Path To Wealth