Divine Intuition

Would you like to have an unwavering and reliable source of wisdom to guide your life? An inner resource that gives you unfailing direction towards your hopes and dreams? Instructions to create greater peace and harmony in your life?

In Divine Intuition, intuitive consultant Lynn Robinson demonstrates that this wisdom does exist--it comes through the whispers of your soul via your intuition. Intuition is part of your birthright, your instructions from a Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call God. You are constantly surrounded, filled, and informed by its wisdom, although you may not know how to access it.

Divine Intuition is beautifully illustrated to help you tap into the myriad ways you can receive this invaluable insight and develop it for practical use in everyday life. Use this wonderful guide to discover and achieve your life goals. Begin now to make your dreams come alive.

This is one of several books on intuition that I've read to date, and it's by far one of my favorites!

Reviewer on Amazon

I like the compartmentalized, bite size thoughts. They fit my busy life very well. I can pick up the book and find an inspirational thought at almost any time or sit down and read it for longer "lessons." I enjoy its non-linear nature. It feels more organic and liberating.

Reviewer on Amazon

This book explores intuition in depth, and will greatly increase your understanding of this key element for living life in the divine flow. Thank you, Lynn, for your divinely inspired words of wisdom!

Reviewer on Amazon