Have you ever had a period of time in your life when nothing appears to be happening? No matter what action you take (or don't take) there seems to be no movement or change. Everything stays the same. I've observed that most of my intuitive reading clients dislike this time of transition, these pauses in life. It makes them feel uncomfortable. "I pray. I write in my journal. I meditate. I visualize. I read self-help books. I’ve taken action. But nothing's happening!"

I have a different take on the matter. Often when I tune in to the person's soul and ask how I can be helpful, I hear "Tell them much is going on in the unseen world. They are being prepared for the next step. Tell them to be patient, to wait, to have faith and to find small joys in their present life. They will emerge from their hibernation soon."

I'm usually given a symbolic picture that represents this transition state. I'm shown an image of planting bulbs in the cool ground of autumn and seeing them transformed into the beautiful blooms of spring. What I take from that image is that there is a Divine wisdom and timing for everything. In the fall and winter, those bulbs are being readied underground. They are unseen and yet they're experiencing the perfect conditions for their growth. Do they angst and thrash about exclaiming to all who will listen that "Nothing's happening! I must do something!" No. They wait and know that at the right time the earth will warm, the sun will shine at just the right brilliance, the rains will come, and they can fulfill their destiny to the joy and delight of all who see them.

I like what fellow intuitive and author, Sonia Choquette, has to say about this topic. "Patience is the front door to faith. If you come to this door, know that you, your dream, and the Universe are still moving into alignment but aren't quite there yet. Be excited when you arrive at this point! This means that you are doing your part as you should, and your miracle is on the way to being born."

Learn to cherish the lulls in your life. Spend time by yourself or with close friends. Read, take walks, appreciate nature, write in your journal, pray, meditate, nurture yourself, and listen to your wisdom within. You may not know what the next phase of your life will bring, but it will come. Be grateful for your rest. You are part of the flow of God's wisdom, even if you appear to be standing still.