Do you have a goal in your life…something you really want…but it’s beginning to feel like it’s unachievable? Perhaps it’s about finishing school or finding a partner or achieving some kind of professional recognition. What do you do when you feel like quitting?

I know we’ve all experienced issues like this when we want to achieve or create something new in our life and yet there’s a big roadblock or a whole series of them in the way. Here are some 7 tips I share with my intuitive reading clients to help them figure out their next steps:

Make it Fun

No one likes doing anything that’s monotonous and uninteresting. What would make the next steps more enjoyable to you? Perhaps you could enlist the help of a buddy for support. Or when you’ve completed a milestone, you could reward yourself with a special meal, a manicure, chocolate (my favorite!) or some other treat. Maybe there’s strength — and support — in numbers, and a support group would make it something you look forward to. Challenge yourself to come up with as many ways as you can to make studying fun.

Be Creative

I’ve written eight books and I have to share with you that, at times, I can sit and stare at the computer screen forever. Nothing comes into my mind to write and I feel stuck. Those are the times I know I need to get creative! Some of the things I’ve done are to bring my laptop to my local Starbucks and have a delicious cup of coffee to reward myself for writing. I’ve also taken a pen, paper and a book to the wooded area near my house to do some research. If all else fails, I might even take a short nap! Do anything that shifts your focus and gets you going in a different direction.

Set Small Achievable Goals

Sometimes you can’t move forward because the task seems way too huge. Ask yourself if there’s a way to break the job down into smaller pieces. For example, “I’ve got to pass my math test in order to get my nursing degree” seems overwhelming. But saying to yourself, “Today I’m going to read and understand pages 1 – 5 in my study guide,” makes it achievable.

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes you get stuck because you’re afraid of the change that’s happening in your life. Especially if you’re making a major life change that’s likely to mean a job full of responsibility and more than a little stress caring for others. Every one of us goes through these times of transition. You have to let go of the seemingly comfortable world you’ve known in order to move into something new and (hopefully) more rewarding.

Do At Least One Thing Every Day

There are times when you just need to be an adult, suck it up and say, “I have to do this even though I don’t want to.” It takes a lot more energy trying to avoid doing something you need to do than actually doing it. Ask yourself, “What could I do today to move myself closer to this goal?” The answer, of course, depends on your goal. Answers might be to take a class, read an article, go to a networking event, send an email or make a phone call. Be sure to reward yourself after you’re done.

Is Your Goal Something You Really Want?

This one is a little tricky and only you can know the answer. Is your goal something you really want? When you’re passionate, excited and enthusiastic about something, that’s a signal from your inner wisdom that your goal is worth pursuing. Conversely, if you’re feeling drained, bored or uninterested, it’s a sign to let it go or to not move ahead with it. Your desire to quit trying to achieve your goal could be your intuition indicating that what you want isn’t the right next step just now. On the other hand, you may have read all my great advice and decided you’re so excited you want it more than ever!

Watch Your Self Talk

“I hate ____!” “I’m not good at ___.” “I’ll never get ____.” Fill in the blanks with your goal or intention. Have you been saying those things to yourself lately? What you say to yourself in your inner dialog has a huge impact on your life. What if you could shift your thinking a little and as a result, this issue or goal became a lot easier? Try things like, “This might be easier than I think.” “What if I could make it fun?” “I know I’ve done tough things before, so I can do this!” “I know I’m a smart person.” Those are just a few examples. Choose some thoughts that make you feel better and will help you break free of your self-imposed limitations.

Know that you’re not alone. We ALL go through stuck times in life when our minds feel full of self-doubt. Each and every one of us has felt like quitting at one time or another. I believe these are times when it’s so important to listen to your own inner wisdom. Take time today to close your eyes, center within and ask, “What’s my next step?”

Pay attention to any whispers, nudges, ideas or feelings that come to you. Don’t be discouraged if the answer doesn’t come right away. You may find that you receive an “aha” moment later in the day.

Take action on the answer you receive and keep going. Your wise inner guidance wants you to succeed.

What do YOU do when you feel like quitting? I’d love to hear from you!