“What’s my purpose?” It’s a question I’m frequently asked in an intuitive reading session. Of course, there’s no easy, “one size fits all” answer. I’ve found that uncovering one’s purpose is a process that requires equal amounts of courage, personal understanding and perseverance to make it all work. Hopefully, some of the ideas I’ve written below will strike a chord and give you some direction.

The Locked in a Bookstore Technique

Last week an intuitive reading client had a great idea for discovering your life purpose. She suggested that you imagine being locked in a bookstore overnight. Ask yourself, what section of the store would I spend the most time in? When I thought about it, I was pretty evenly divided between personal growth, psychology, spirituality and metaphysics. I might sneak over to the cookbooks and nutrition. I think I'm in the right line of work. What about you? What section would you find yourself in?

Questions to Ask Yourself

The following questions are great ones to spend some time with. It’s helpful to have a journal, a pad of paper and pen and write out what comes to you. Use your intuition! If you feel excited or curious about an idea or answer, follow that. It’s your inner guidance communicating with you.

  • What are you doing when time seems to fly by?  
  • Perhaps your ideal job might exist or be created within your present company. If you were offered the ideal job what would it be?
  • What do you look forward to doing on the weekends or on a vacation?  
  • When you think of someone who has a "dream job," what do they do?
  • If money were no object, what kind of work would you love to do?
  • If your boss told you he'd give you a year off to contribute to the community in some way, what would you choose?
  • Are there any classes you might like to take at the local college or seminar center?
  • Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax. What images come to mind as you see yourself in your ideal job?
  • What is your intuition communicating to you right now about your ideal job?
  • Is there any action that you’re being guided to take? Is there anything that feels exciting or joyful that you want to act on?

Wouldn’t It Be Great If…

Sometimes we get stuck in our own way. Our logical brains tell us we “don’t know” what to do. Or we “just don’t know” our life purpose. Or we “just don’t know” how we could ever earn a living at this!” I like this sentence completion exercise, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” You fill in the blank with whatever your heart desires. Grab a pad of paper and complete as many of those sentences as you can think of.


Wouldn't it be great if...

  • “A wonderful, fun job came my way.”
  • “I could make a living doing _______.”
  • “I discovered my life purpose was _______.”

It will take some focus, insight and practice to begin thinking in this new and expanded way. Because of your new openness, your intuition will be able to deliver some brilliant new ideas. You’ll also be receptive to synchronicities and coincidences that will open up possibilities and new directions.

I realize that any of these ideas is not necessarily going to evoke instant clarity about either your vocation or your life mission, but it's a start! Every single person who is living a life they love had to begin by asking themselves questions like these. They also had to believe in themselves enough to take the risks to move in the direction of their dreams. You don't need to quit your day job right now. You simply need to begin spending more time doing what you love, reaching out to others who might be able to help you create your dream, and continuing to dream a little bigger with each step forward.