Dear Intuitive Seeker –

I love doing intuitive readings to help you get clarity to create a life you love. It’s gratifying to be able to provide insights that will allow you to achieve your dreams. Do you want to know what stops most people?

They don’t dream big enough, so they feel uninspired to move forward.

They talk themselves out of the dream. “I can’t afford it.” “I’m not educated enough.” “I don’t deserve it.” Or “I don't know how to achieve it” are common statements.

It’s hard to create a life you adore if you do any of these things!

Would you like to try an experiment to get you moving in a new direction?

I'm going to ask you to try some things on pure faith. Try to put aside your natural inclination to make logical sense of this process. Here are the concepts:

1.) There is a Divine Intelligence that wants you to succeed. It wants you to be happy about your life and living. It wants you to do the thing or things you're passionate about. That's part of your mission here on Earth. It doesn't matter what that mission is, whether it's being a good mother or father, a great dancer, a whiz at accounting, an awe-inspiring athlete or a profound philosopher. This Intelligence wants you to succeed and will do whatever it can to assist you.

2.) Take 15-20 minutes to yourself where you won’t be disturbed. Think about the life you want. On your computer or a pad of paper write the answers to the following questions.- What does your ideal day, week or month look like?

- What are you doing?

- Is it different from month to month?

- Who are you with?

- What brings you joy or makes you feel excited or curious?

If you’re more of a visual person you might find it helpful to do this exercise with a batch of magazines and a pair of scissors. Cut out pictures and words that represent the life you want.

3.) As you do the exercise in #2, be aware of your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself about your ability to achieve this new life? You will need to work diligently at keeping your focus off what you don't want and maintain focus on your goal. Learn to re-direct your thoughts. When you notice yourself dwelling on pessimistic or negative thoughts, shift your focus to what you want.

Take time each day to visualize your ideal life. Some people can’t SEE it, but they can feel it. That’s fine, too. In this way you add power to the vibrational energy that will attract your goal. Your feelings and emotions are an important part of this process. What does it feel like to have what you want? Use the power of your emotions as you visualize.

Each day take at least one step toward what you're excited about. This might mean taking a class, going to an informational interview, joining a club or association, writing an article, making a call, or sending an e-mail. Your excitement is a message from your intuition about the next step to take. Whatever it is — do it!

Your goal should be to enjoy this process. Learn to be grateful for all that you've created. As you move towards your desired outcome, you'll find new objectives emerging. That's fine and as it should be. Remember to have fun!

What did you come up with? I’d love to read your answers!