Intuition is like any skill. The more you use it, the better you get at it. I’d like to share a technique that I do almost every morning. The best part? You can do it while you’re still in bed!

Step One: Think about something you’d like to create in your life. It doesn’t need to be super specific. It can be “I’d love to have a fun and rewarding new job.” Or, “I’d love to be in a happy and loving partnership.”

Step Two: This is where intuition comes in. It’s a super easy and fun technique!

Each day take at least one small step toward what you're excited about.

Excitement, curiosity and interest are all ways that your intuition communicates with you. It’s saying, in effect, “this way to success and happiness.” It directs you towards the easiest path to a life you love.

What does a small step look like? Here are some ideas:

Take a class

Research your interest

Send an email

Take a trip

Strike up a conversation with a stranger

Make a phone call

Join a group

Take a walk

Talk to someone who has aspects of your ideal life

Do something to move out of your comfort zone


Tweak a website, resume or blog

Remember…your interest or excitement is a message from your intuition about the next step to take. Whatever it is -- do it!

Your goal should be to enjoy this process. Do things each day that are fun, light, and joyful. Learn to be grateful for all that you've created. As you move towards your desired outcome, you'll find synchronicities, coincidences and new ideas emerging. People who can help you achieve your goals will show up in your life and miracles will begin to unfold. Your inner wisdom wants you to succeed.

Remember to have fun! Let me know what you come up with. I love reading your comments!