I was meditating recently and, as often happens, my mind kept processing my “To Do” list for the day. I was feeling dragged down and distracted by all the things on my agenda when I heard the voice of my inner guidance. It said, “Use joy as your compass to navigate life.” You know it’s intuition when you get one of those “aha” moments that says a lot in one sentence! So I thought you’d find it interesting to hear how I’ve applied this wisdom (photos included!).

In many ways, the “using joy as your compass” fits my philosophy of how intuition can guide your life. My theory is that if something feels draining, boring or you’re no longer interested in something, that’s your intuition steering you away from it. Conversely, if it feels fun, light, interesting or joyful, move towards that.

After the insight from my intuition, I began asking myself a series of questions. I’d like to invite you to join in the fun by looking them over and coming up with your own answers.

When you think back on the past year, which activities have been highlights for you?

How could you include more of the above in the future?

What have you been doing when time has “flown by?”

Make a list of fun activities. Which ones could you do this week?

What activities make you feel challenged and stimulated?

What activities do you most enjoy that are free?

Who do you enjoy spending time with?

Who have you been meaning to get together with?

Who makes you laugh the most?

Who do you feel most comfortable with?

I decided that this summer was going to be ruled by fun and joy rather than obligation. (And even if it WAS an obligation, I was going to make it fun!)

My list included:

• Discovering interesting places to go for walks

• Finding good places for breakfast (my favorite meal!)

• Attending an affirmative prayer workshop

• Discovering national parks and historic places in my area

• Going to outdoor concerts in my town

• Creating a photo album for my mom

• Swimming in a local lake

• Inviting friends over for dinner

• Visiting local farmer’s markets

• Picnics on the beach

• Growing herbs on my patio

• Exploring places on day trips

• Attending several different churches

• Giving myself permission to read trashy novels! ;-)

The results of using joy as my compass has been lots of fun, laughter, healing and, of course, more joy! Each new day presents a new opportunity and I'm excited for what's coming next. Speaking of opportunities, I'd like to invite you to a very special event that I'm taking part in this month. Join me and 20+ fabulous experts at the Harness Your Creative Power Online Event. It's hosted by the master of creative transformation, published author and creativity ambassador - Gunhild Lorenzen. If your creative passions are beating loudly inside of you and are ready to be released into the world - you don't want to miss this event!