I’ve had many conversations with clients lately who describe themselves as “stuck.” “Nothing is happening” and “I don’t know what I want,” are frequent complaints. It’s been my observation that quite often the words and phrases above really translate to, “I’m scared. I can’t figure out how to achieve my goals, so I’ll just stay where I am until I’m forced to do something different.”

What should you do when your life feels like it’s on hold?

Pay attention to what you tell yourself

Writer Serge Kahili King notes, "All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings, and deeds are listened to by All That Is." What goes on in your mind? If the bulk of your thoughts are negative, it’s very difficult for your intuition to get through to offer help. Begin to ask, “Is there another way of looking at this situation that will make me feel better?” Or think of someone you admire and ask, “What would ____ do?” When you can begin to focus on the positive side of things, the Universe can easily present you with opportunities that will lead you to your hopes and dreams.

Be bold

Have you ever talked yourself out of something because you felt scared? You may be surprised to learn that nearly everyone feels anxious before they try something new. Think back on your own life. How did you feel before you took your current job or before you moved into your present home? You probably felt uncomfortable for a while until, over time, the new became familiar. Whenever you make a change in your life, however large or small, you’re out of your comfort zone for a while.

Try new things

Your intuition will always nudge you to try new things. That’s how you grow spiritually. It’s also how you gain self-confidence and self-esteem. What is one small thing you can try this month that has you a little scared? Perhaps it is asking someone you admire out to lunch or speaking up in a meeting to share a comment or ask a question. Be daring. Have courage. Most importantly, have FUN! Be willing to move just outside your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at the world of possibilities that open up to you as you begin to take risks.

Know that you live in a loving universe

I see many clients when they are struggling with massive indecision or have simply lost sight of their dreams. I’ve found that there is an assumption from many people on a spiritual path that if you’re doing it "right" you will feel wonderful all the time. You’ll be in perfect health, have a relationship with your soul mate that’s heaven-sent (and you never argue!). Money will flow from heaven at all times and your children will be perfect and well-adjusted. Well dream on . . . It ain’t necessarily so. There is wise guidance available to you at all times, supporting you, loving you and encouraging your growth. We are all here to learn about love, compassion, forgiveness and faith. Sometimes this means that you face difficulties and challenges. As you face these and overcome them, you become strong in the weak places. Know that you live in a loving Universe that is there to assist you step by step.