Do you find yourself racing through life like a multi-tasking maniac? Summer is your time to slow down and smell the flowers.

I’m reading a book by Rev. Kirk Byron Jones entitled, “Say Yes to Grace: How to Burn Bright Without Burning Out." He suggests a “One-Thing-at-a-Time-Day.” He writes, “This would be a day in which all persons would be encouraged to resist all multi-tasking, and focus on doing one thing at a time, calmly, deliberately, and when possible, with great pleasure.”

I love that idea and think it’s conducive to helping you stay open to intuitive messages that can guide your life.

Summer happens to be my favorite season. I’ve made it a practice to savor its gifts. Here are my top ten favorite things I’ve done so far this summer:

Drove out to the ice cream stand in the country for my favorite peach ice cream.

Read a “beach” book cover to cover in one sitting.

Had a spontaneous picnic with friends.

Went on an early Sunday morning bike ride and watched the sun come up.

Sat out on my patio with a cup of coffee and listened to the birds sing.

Took a walk by the ocean on an unusually cool, crisp day.

Went to an evening “concert on the common” in our town with my hubby.

Toasted marshmallows at a fire pit at a friend’s lakeside cottage.

Took an evening swim at a local pond and watched the sunset.

Shopped at a Farmer’s Market and bought some yummy, juicy early peaches.

It occurs to me that most of these things were free or low cost. It helps to remember that it doesn’t take an expensive, extended vacation to enjoy the spiritual gifts of summer (or any other time of the year!)

What are YOUR favorite things so far this summer?