4 Ways to Use Them for Guidance

For many of us, our lives have become increasingly overwhelming. We seem to plan every last minute, so we need to treasure those pockets of time when we’re stopped at a traffic light or before falling asleep at night – and use them to daydream. I’m a big believer in daydreams. My theory is they inform you of what you need in your life.

Try This!

To give you a very simple example: if you’re spending a lot of time imagining what it would be like to enjoy a week at the beach reading trashy novels it may be time for a vacation! Your guidance system informs you through this imagery. Your daydreams are usually pleasurable for a reason. They beckon you as if to say, “Try this.” This is your intuition in the form of daydreams showing you some possible solutions to a problem or concern.

What If You Didn’t Worry?

What if you knew for certain that everything you’re presently worried about would work out okay? What if you knew that you had the inner wisdom to handle any life situation that came along? What if you knew that even if something difficult came your way, you’d still be okay? What if you knew that you had a constant source of abundance flowing to you at all times. What if you didn’t have to worry? What would you do?

The “Intuitive Nudge”

Many of us are out of practice with listening to our inner guidance system. We’ve ignored the gentle “intuitive nudges” we’ve received from our Higher Self and feel out of touch with our dreams. We receive this guidance in so many different ways. There’s no ONE right way. You might get intuitive information through meditation, through a strong emotion, or through the voice of Spirit in your ear. You may simply “just know.”

Is there something you really desire in your life? Perhaps it’s a new job, a positive change in a relationship, or business you’d love to start. If you’re like most people, you often feel swamped and don’t know where to begin to create your dreams. You may feel overwhelmed with options or feel like you have none at all. Either way, which direction do you take?

What Makes You Happy?

Fortunately we have been sent to Planet Earth with a magnificent inner guidance system. It’s really quite simple: “What makes you happy, fills you with joy or thrills you with excitement?” If you have those feelings about anything at all in your life, that’s part of your guidance system telling you what to do. What could you do today to honor your intuition?