I wrote an article in 2001 that I called simply, “The Prosperity Prayer.” It’s been sent around the world via email, websites and in magazine articles many, many times since then. I still hear from people who have been blessed by the prayer. They report unexpected money, work, and various miracles that have come their way after saying the prayer.

I believe that we live in an abundant universe. I believe in a loving God that wants us to be happy, joy-filled, at peace, and abundant. We can stay open to God’s guidance through prayer and listening for the wisdom within — intuition.

I like the idea of affirmations and I’ve used them over many years to help me stay in a positive place regarding money, work and career. Please feel free to change any of the words so that they resonate with your own belief system.

God, I am open to your Divine abundance. I welcome it with open heart and open arms.

I am grateful for each day. I keep my focus on all the blessings I have in this rich life — good friends, health, rewarding work and abundance.

Thank you God for Your spirit that surrounds, fills, prospers and blesses my life.

I know that I am being guided towards my true purpose and mission. God, show me my right next steps. I am listening.

I thank You, God, for your prospering ideas. I make time each day to be still and listen. My every need is being supplied and I am blessed.

Your love and presence is within me, and all around me. Creative energy and prospering ideas come to me now and throughout the days to come.