Dear Intuitive Seeker –

I was meditating one day this past week. My mind stubbornly refused to quiet down. One-by-one, events from this past year kept leaping to my mind, creating an unsettled meditation session. There have been a lot of difficult times this year for all of us. Mine included a recent difficult conversation with a friend, concern about my husband’s health and the business disappointment.

As my mind was busy processing all these events, I heard a still, quiet inner voice that said, “Make room for fun.” At first I was tempted to dismiss it. “After all,” my logical mind interjected, “This is a difficult time. This isn’t the best period to be whooping it up, given all the challenging issues presenting themselves at this time in my life.”

It got me to thinking what better time to experience some fun and joy? I’m in a period of waiting for several things to occur. I have to wait anyway. Why not be happy while the process is unfolding? I tend to be an optimistic person. My favorite affirmation is, “Be patient. Things have a way of working out.” It seems to cover all the bases of issues in my life! I decided I might as well relax and enjoy the flow of life rather than being miserable and stressed!

I began by asking myself a series of questions. This week, I’d like to invite you to join in the fun by looking them over and coming up with your own answers.

When you think back on the past year, which activities have been highlights for you?

How could you include more of the above in the future?

Who do you enjoy spending time with?

Who have you been meaning to get together with?

Who makes you laugh the most?

Who do you feel most comfortable with?

What have you been doing when time has “flown by?”

Make a list of fun activities. Which ones could you do this week?

What activities make you feel challenged and stimulated?

What activities do you most enjoy that are free?

My list included discovering interesting places to go for walks, finding good places for takeout food, making new friends, taking a virtual “Food as Medicine” cooking class, giving myself permission to read a trashy novel, and getting together with a friend for some hikes around Maine.

What does your list include? I’d love to hear about it! My wish for have fun, even during the difficult times.