Dear Intuitive Friends -

I thought you might enjoy one of my favorite techniques from my book, Put Your Intuition to Work. I call it…

The Vitality Meter Quiz

Here’s how it works. Think of a decision you need to make. Ideally this is one that you’ve been struggling with for awhile. It may be a choice about whether to stay or leave a job. It could be something about a new business direction or a hiring decision. Whatever it is, write a few sentences about it in a notebook or on your computer and then list six or more possible options available to you.

For example, let’s say your decision is about a possible job change. Your options might be simply to stay or go. However, they might also include seeing a career coach, doing some informational interviews or talking to a colleague who just landed a new job in a company you’re interested in. You could also choose to stick it out in your current job for a specific period of time or have a serious talk with your boss about advancement potential.

Once you’ve got your options list…

  • Which one(s) are you drawn to?
  • Is there one that leaps to your attention?
  • Do one or more of the choices feel draining or enervating?
  • Do you feel a sense of excitement about one over the others?
  • Is there a visceral response you receive about pursuing this course of action? (A physical sensation is one of the ways that intuition communicates).
  • What action do you feel most enthusiastic about?
  • Perhaps you hear an inner voice saying “that one!” or “not that” or something similar.

Evaluating Your Answers

Intuition gives you a “go ahead” message in many different ways. For most of us it’s through a sense of excitement, curiosity, energy and interest. It may also communicate that meaning through a gut feeling or other physical sensation.

Some people report hearing an inner voice or a simple “knowing.” Look at your list. Which of your options is your intuition pointing toward? In other words, which one scored the highest on your “vitality meter?” If you receive a clear direction, go for it! If it’s still a bit murky, try taking small steps in the direction that feels like a relief or makes you feel at peace. Your intuition is your inner compass. It’s always pointing you in the right direction.