You’re feeling stuck. Perhaps you’re in a job you don’t like. Or you feel like you’re living in the movie “Ground Hog Day” where the same things happen day-after-day with no change in sight. What to do? How do you get yourself out of that rut and moving in the right direction again? Here are the seven keys that I've observed from people who’ve done it.

Successful people…

  1. Have a clear dream or goal.
    They pay attention to what makes them happy, enthusiastic and energized. They use that information to assist them in making the right choices and decisions.
  2. Visualize and affirm their success.
    Not all of them sit down and formally focus on visualizations and affirmations. They picture their dreams and in their own internal dialog they affirm their ability to achieve their goals.
  3. Trust their intuition.
    Whether they call it a hunch, an instinct or their “inner consultant,” they pay attention to their inner voice. They take action on the information that their intuition provides and follow its wisdom.
  4. Take appropriate risks.
    They understand that they'll have to move out of their comfort zone at times and risk doing something unfamiliar. They know that everyone feels nervous and anxious when attempting something new. Despite this discomfort, they persevere.
  5. Have patience and faith.
    To achieve their goals, they have a long-term perspective. They know they'll achieve what they desire. They enjoy the process of getting there as much as achieving the goal. They understand there will be tough times, but they persevere.
  6. Trust that things will work out.
    They tell themselves that while they might be going through a difficult transition, they have what it takes to succeed. They focus on any and all successes they had in the past as evidence that points to this truth.
  7. Take action.
    They understand that small steps are important. They have a plan. If they meet with a detour or an impediment in their path, they simply step back and reassess the situation. They discover where they may have gone wrong, and proceed to take action again, this time in the right direction.

Many people choose a “half-empty glass” view of life. They focus on all the things that they haven’t achieved. Today spend some time dwelling on your successes. Think about the big ones, but more importantly recognize and acknowledge the small achievements. That will get you out of your rut and moving in the direction of success once again.