We’re in the midst of a pandemic, a deep winter chill (I live in Maine) and long dark days as I write this. Doesn’t it always seem more difficult to bounce out of bed feeling optimistic and cheerful when it’s dark and dreary? However, I’ve come to realize that starting the day in a positive frame of mind is a choice I make. Here are a few ideas I’ve experimented with that make it easier. I’d love to hear about YOUR ideas for waking up happy!

Begin Your Day Harmonically

There’s not much that gets me more rattled than loud noises first thing in the morning. The traditional alarm clock sound is guaranteed to get me upset. Choose your tunes! On most smart phones, there’s a setting for the music or sound that’s played on your alarm. This month I have my alarm set to a song by Karen Drucker entitled “All is Well.” Music sets the rhythm for my day. This one makes me feel calm and peaceful. Try out some new melodies that will awaken you in just the right way.

Set the Alarm 15 Minutes Earlier and Meditate

Don’t you just love hitting that snooze button? But, instead of coming wide awake and bounding out of bed, consider meditating. You don’t even have to sit up! Simply observe your breath. Breathe in for a count of 4 to 5, allowing your belly and chest to expand, and breathe out, also for a count of 4 to 5, allowing a feeling of peace to envelop you. You may want to repeat a mantra or affirmation such as, “I begin my day in peace.” Or, “All is well.” You may also just want to lie there thinking of all the things you feel grateful for…a warm bed, your kids, a job, a roof over your head.

Read a Motivational Quote or Passage

There are so many forms of inspirational wisdom out there on the web as well as in books, apps and “Daily Word” calendars. Many authors have newsletters that you can subscribe to that give you a thought for the day. This can provide a perspective for the day that keeps you going in a positive frame of mind. My favorites are Daily Word, The Daily Motivator, and Insight of the Day.

Just Sit in Silence

We have so few moments in our multi-tasking world today to sit quietly. But what better way to begin your day? No need to carve out a half-hour or more of meditation time. You only need to do this for a minute or two. Simply sit on the deck, porch or your favorite chair, just being still. Inspiration, intuition and creative ideas come more easily when you’re being still and quiet.

Check in With Your Intuition

Intuitive wisdom often arrives when you least expect it. However, one of the ways to elicit its guidance is by asking questions. “What’s the best way to improve my mood today?” “What could I do to create more abundance in my life?” “What are three things I could do today to find a great job?” Pay attention to any images, feelings, inner whispers, “aha” moments, or dreams. Those are the main ways that intuition communicates.

How do YOU start your day? I love reading your ideas! And, yes, “Have a great day!”