A few years ago I gave a speech to a group of engineers on “How to Trust Your Gut.” I admit I was a little nervous about it. I’m a decidedly right-brained person and this was clearly a left-brained group! But to my surprise and relief, they were a very open group.

One fellow came up to me after my talk to share his favorite intuition technique. It was a decidedly low-tech approach. He explained that each morning he wrote a question to what he called his “Inner CEO.” He scribbled the question on a 3 X 5 card that he kept in his shirt pocket. He explained that throughout the day, he would receive flashes of insight, “thought messages,” and coincidences relevant to his question. He feels that having the question in his pocket kept him attuned to the questions and open to the answers.

I ran into him recently at another speech I gave. He showed me a stack of his cards that represented several days worth of inquiry. They were filled with creative information and wisdom that he credits with helping him increase sales, hire good employees and successfully resolve a difficult issue with one of his biggest clients. “I couldn’t survive without my cards. They’re my second brain!” he said with a laugh.

Your Inner CEO, or “Inner Coach,” if you prefer, is the creative part of your mind that answers when you ask questions such as, "I wonder how else I can look at this problem?” Or, “I wonder how else I could deal with this decision?” Or, “I wonder what other possibilities exist to solve this problem?”

What is your “Inner Coach” telling you today?