In my recent survey, many of you asked for more “how to” articles to enable you to listen to and act on your intuitive wisdom. Here’s a technique from my book, Compass of the Soul.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing breaths.

Think of a time when you felt joyful, relaxed and at peace in your life. Spend a few moments savoring those memories. Remember the people you were with, the activities you were involved with, the home you lived in. Do whatever it takes to make the scene and your feelings as vivid as possible.

Ask your intuition this question, "What could I do to bring these good feelings into my life again?"

Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, impressions and body sensations you have. There are many ways that your intuition communicates with you. You may find that the answer doesn't come to you immediately. That's fine. It may come in a dream. Or later in the day, you might just "know" the answer.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and return to normal consciousness.

Your Intuition Journal:

If you think of a pie chart, what percentage of your time and energy do you currently allocate to work, social life, spiritual life, family, fun or any other area that is important to you? Do you feel like there is some part of your life that is currently out of balance? If so, here are some questions for you (and your intuition!) to consider.

What could I do to bring good feelings and balance into my life again?

What action steps am I willing to take to bring more balance?

Expect a few setbacks, they're a natural part of the process in creating a life you love. Don't view them or yourself as a failure because you ran into an obstacle. Pick yourself up, continue to experiment, and proceed with all the fearlessness you can muster. Ask yourself what you learned and get back on your path. Take some small steps toward your dream and keep walking!

I’d love to read your ideas. What did you discover while doing this exercise?

PS: Compass of the Soul is available on Kindle through Amazon.