One of the ways your intuition informs you is through what makes you happy or excited! When you're happy about something, or you simply enjoy thinking about it, that's your intuition giving you the message, "Do more of this!"

What would a delightful or blissful life look or feel like to you? You might want to describe it in a journal. Another alternative would be to create a vision board by using images and words from magazines or the Internet.

Write About Your Ideal Life

As you write or create the vision board, notice if there are any negative thoughts or feelings that arise as you imagine living a life you love. This, too, is also helpful information from your intuition, and may indicate an area of resistance for you to examine.

The Power of Your Imagination

Once you’re finished, close your eyes and imagine yourself living this life. Put as much feeling and emotion into this image as you can. The ability to manifest your ideal life has a lot to do with your ability to feel a flow of clear, positive energy about what you want to create.

At present, don't try to figure out HOW you will create your ideal life. As you imagine, visualize and feel it, trust that you are sending out an energy vibration to the Universe that will begin to attract what you desire. Your intuition will begin to respond with “clues” about what to do, who to talk to or any actions for you to take.

What Does Your Intuition Say?

Over the next several days begin to pay attention to any “aha” moments and/or intuitive nudges. Also notice any synchronicities or coincidences that begin to occur. Those are some of the ways intuition will communicate.

Spend just a few moments every day doing this exercise, and you'll find your heart's desire quickly attracted into your life.

I Love Japan!

I know that I have many clients from Japan on this newsletter list. If you’re one of them, you may enjoy this YouTube clip from Japanese bestselling author Ken Honda speaking about how we met over a decade ago. He’s also talking about the power of synchronicity and coincidence and their connection with intuition.