When you’re in the midst of change and transition it’s helpful to seek insight from your wise inner guidance. Intuition is like a true friend who wants what’s best for you, who is always there, guiding, listening, encouraging — showing you the way to achieve your heart’s desire. How do you access this wisdom? Creating an “Inner Sanctuary” is the answer.

To begin this exercise, think of a concern you have in your life right now. Perhaps it's a question about a relationship, a career choice, your health or something about your spiritual development.

Form this issue into a question that evokes more than a yes or no answer. Examples might be, "What's the best choice for my career right now?" or "What steps could I take to improve my health?" or "How could I communicate more effectively with my boss?" or “How can I improve my connection to my intuition?”

Create Your Sanctuary

Choose a time when you won't be disturbed for about 20-30 minutes or so. You may want to listen to a favorite piece of relaxing music. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Focus on your breath for a few moments. Slowly feel your breath coming in and then let it go out.

In your mind's eye picture a favorite place where you feel safe and comfortable. This might be by the ocean, under a tree in a beautiful meadow, by a babbling brook or in a special room, either real or imagined. Use your imagination to make it even more attractive. See the colors being rich and deep; listen to the sounds around you as you settle in; feel the emotions that this wondrous place evokes.

You’re creating a sanctuary in your mind where you can go to receive intuitive guidance. Some people imagine their intuition coming to them in the form of a guide, others perceive the information in words, images, a felt sense, through body sensations or simply “knowing.” Whatever works for you is fine.

Ask the question you formed at the beginning of the exercise. Pause. Take your time and use all your senses.

What do you feel?

What do you sense?

What does your body tell you?

What do you hear? What do you see?

What do you know?

Receive your answer in whatever form it comes. There is no right way, just your way. When you feel ready, open your eyes and return to normal consciousness.

Important note: When I teach this technique in a seminar, people often report that they don’t receive an answer right away. Don’t be discouraged if this happens to you! It’s normal. It even happens frequently to me!

You may find that the answers will pop into your mind when you least expect them during the next day or two…when you’re driving to work, as you’re drifting off to sleep, washing the dishes, or when you’re taking a shower.

Keep a pad of paper and pen (or some other device) with you to jot down the flashes of insight or “aha” moments that will arrive throughout the day following this exercise.

Let me know how this worked for you! What answers did you receive?