Dear Intuitive Seeker –

35 years ago I was desperately unhappy in my job as the Operations Manager of a software company in Boston. I dreamed of “helping people” and being self-employed. My problem was that I had no idea what that business might be! I took a Law of Attraction class and began journaling, meditating, visualizing and taking action steps each day. My 3-step process looked like this:

1) I wrote down what I wanted my life and work to look and feel like. Words like freedom, service, spiritual, flexible, fun and abundant kept coming up as I wrote.

2) Every day I visualized for a few minutes. I talked to myself as if I already had what I wanted. “I love my work!” “My clients are happy.” “I am a successful business owner.”

3) I asked myself, “What could I do today to move in this direction?” I paid attention to the intuitive wisdom that came my way. Call someone. Take a class. Tweak my marketing information. Keep visualizing.

One of the small steps I took was to take a class on “Developing Your Intuition.” I fell in love! I found that receiving Divine guidance for fellow students in the class was easy, fun and effortless. The idea of this being my new business was born!

If you’ve read my book, Divine Intuition you know what happened next. I met a Boston Globe newspaper reporter at a friend’s funeral. We chatted after the service and I ended up telling her about my business idea. She asked for an intuitive reading and subsequently wrote an article about how much she loved it. It was entitled “Psychic Psychology.”

The first few lines read:

Whatever one’s vision of the psychic might be, Lynn A. Robinson is probably not it. There’s a practical quality to some of what she offers, and at the same time she has been known to have some extraordinary “seeings” into the specifics of a client’s life.

The article garnered well over 500 clients over the next several months and my business was launched!

So here I am 35 years later. I’ve written seven books on intuition, lectured internationally and have a two-month wait list for new clients. Wow!

Thank you to all my wonderful clients and readers of my books and newsletters. Many of you have become friends over the years. I appreciate each one of you. My wish is that you trust your own fabulous intuition and allow it to guide you to a life you love! (And if you need some help, book a session with me!)