First, ask yourself these three questions.

You’ve got a big decision to make. How do you know you’re making the right choice? It’s tough, isn’t it? Your mind can play tricks on you. “What if this doesn’t turn out well?” “What if I’m not good enough?” “Should I just stay where I am and suck it up?” Those types of questions just keep you stuck! Here’s where your wonderful inner guidance can step in to help.

The three questions you need to ask yourself that will guide you to success.

Do I Feel Excited About This?

Intuition gives you feedback through how you feel. Are you excited? Curious? Interested? Want to learn more? That’s your intuitive clue for either saying “yes” to this choice, or at least moving ahead to get more information. The opposite is true, too. Contemplate the decision du jour in your mind. Do you feel drained? Bored? Want to go home and crawl under your covers? That’s your intuition saying move away from this choice. If it’s a “yes”, you’ll feel more energized. Go in the direction that lights you up. If you’re not getting an obvious “Yes” or “No”, do some more research. Take some next steps. Move in the direction that feels better. It may simply be the case that more information is needed.

Do I Feel Scared About This Decision?

I may surprise you here. Scared is often good. A certain amount of anxiety is perfectly normal. Intuition will lead you out of your comfort zone. That’s why a lot of people don’t like to trust it. Think back to any big decision you made. It’s likely you felt at least a little nervous or anxious about it. A choice to take a new job or to make a geographic move can illustrate this point. It’s common to feel uncertain and to think “Can I do it?” “Will it work out?” We ALL feel that way when faced with something new. I’d be willing to bet that in most cases, you felt good about your decision despite the initial butterflies. If you’re saying to yourself, “I wish I had the confidence to do this thing,” do it anyway! Courage and confidence appear when you do the thing you’re scared to do.

What’s My Body’s Response to This Choice?

Think about the choice you’re facing. Try a decision on for size. For example, say it’s a job offer. Say to yourself “I’m going to take this position.” How does your body respond? My body will let me know this is the right option by flooding me with a sense of relief, peace or a feeling of expansion. I may feel a flutter of anxiety, (see above) but I know that’s normal. If I’m not supposed to move forward on this decision, I’ll feel shut down. My shoulders will sag and I’ll feel a heaviness descend on me. It’s like someone pulled the plug on my batteries. Each of us is going to have a slightly different “yes” or “no” response from our body. Practice with some low risk decisions for a few weeks and try it out. Intuition is like any skill. The more you practice, the better you get.