Dear Intuitive Seeker –

Don’t you just hate it when your get-up-and-go has gotten up and left? We often call it procrastination. We think of it as a bad thing. However, I have a different idea. I believe it’s a gift from your intuition.

When you feel drained, bored, tired or uninterested in something, your inner guidance is informing you that there’s no power there. It’s saying, “Don’t go there!” Or, at the very least, “Don’t stay here.” Intuition is telling you to begin moving in the direction of your excitement, enthusiasm and passion. How do you figure this out?

Try these five ideas:

1) First, I’d like you to fill in the blank in the following statement:

“The one thing I’d most love to do in my life right now is ____________.”

2) Make time for it! Choose one thing each day to move in the direction of what you’re excited and enthusiastic about.

3) Let go of what’s draining you. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating and feeling down because something or someone is taking a lot of energy. Begin to set some boundaries with those people or situations.

4) Tap into your joy. Notice the moments in your day when you feel the happiest, the most content, or when time is flying by. What you focus on increases.

5) Check in with your “Inner Vitality Meter.” When you’re trying to make a decision, write down your options. As you review the list, notice how you respond. Which option scores the highest in terms of your interest, enthusiasm or curiosity? That’s the one to choose!

Write a comment and let me know how this technique is working for you in your life. I’d love to hear from you.