That's your guidance speaking!

Your intuition is your inner compass. It points you in the right direction. If you’re feeling down, discouraged, scared and worried, that’s your intuition inviting you to shift your focus. It’s telling you to choose thoughts and actions that will make you feel better.

If listening to your intuition feels difficult, or if you’re out of practice, try this: each day choose to do one thing that makes you feel better. It could be as simple as changing a habitual negative thought, taking a walk, hanging out with positive people or perhaps not watching the news.

Inner wisdom guides you in a wide variety of ways. The simplest is that if something is draining, boring, uninteresting, etc., begin to move away from it. Conversely, if you find something interesting or exciting or simply that you’re curious about it — move in that direction.

Intuition guides you toward miracles and lets you know which direction will produce the success you seek. It communicates through images, words, dreams, feelings and physical sensations.

What are you feeling guided to move towards? Start taking some steps in that new direction today!