Dear Intuitive Seeker,

“I’d love to ________, but I can’t get motivated.” (Fill in the blank with any of your goals.)

I’ve heard that phrase from so many clients over the years. The image I have is of the person standing at the bottom of Mount Everest wanting to reach the peak and feeling overwhelmed by the journey before they even begin.

You may not be thinking about a mountain climb, but fill in the blank with something you’d like to do:

  • Start a business?
  • Take a trip?
  • Go back to school?
  • See your friends more often?
  • Learn a new skill?

Here an idea to try…

Let go of something that’s taking too much energy.

Many of us have lives that are overwhelming. We work full-time, plus take care of the kids and/or aging parents. We volunteer for civic events and try to make time for a social life. It can be too much. The idea of adding something else into the mix, even something we want, makes us procrastinate.

You have to let go of something first. I’m not suggesting you ditch your job (or the kids!). But, think of some aspect of your life that’s draining you. What could you let go of that would create some breathing room today? If it makes you feel relieved to think about it. That’s your clue from your intuition!

Just for today: Make a small change in your commitments. What could you let go of that’s draining your batteries? Your intuition is guiding you to take this step.