I’m hearing from so many of you during this time of high stress. Just this week alone I’ve had an intuitive reading client report that they tested positive for Covid. Another was laid off in a field where it’s currently difficult to find a job. There are also lots of folks with young families who are unnerved about the back-to-school situation. Where is intuition during this time and how can it help?

Here is an exercise that will help you get through a difficult period:

Your intuition is always there to guide you. It doesn't leave you in the lurch when you most need it. It doesn’t disappear from your life as soon as a crisis hits. I also know that it can feel that way. We often speak of intuition as a still, quiet inner voice. You may think of it as Infinite Wisdom, your Soul, the Universe or God. However you view it, I wish there was a switch to turn up the volume on the wisdom it shares, especially during times of stress. We have such a cacophony of other inner voices vying for attention. The voices we usually hear as the loudest are the ones that say, “I'm scared. I'm overwhelmed. I'm alone. Get me out of this mess!”

Try These Affirmations

Here are some words to use to help you feel calm and to open you to the guidance you need during times of stress. Feel free to mix and match any of them. Some of them may work for you and others won't. Use the statements that make you feel better and repeat them throughout the day. You'll find that if you do, you'll be more receptive to hearing direction from Divine intuition, and more able to act on its wisdom to guide you to a peaceful resolution to the conflict you're experiencing.

I know that I'll feel better soon.

Healing is taking place within me.

I know I’ll figure this out.

I am safe; surrounded and protected by a loving wisdom.

I trust myself to get through this situation. I know I'm strong.

Support is coming from a variety of sources. I am open to receive all loving assistance.

I know that new doors to opportunity will open as I go through this transition.

I know that I have to let go of the old in order for the new to be born.

I deserve a life that is balanced, abundant and full of rich possibilities.

I am open and receptive to new avenues of abundance.

I am guided through this day. I know that I will make the right choices.

Good will come out of this situation. I am patient as it unfolds.

I have control over my thoughts and right now I am choosing to feel peace.

My life is unfolding in new ways. Things have a way of working out.

I create space for love and kindness in my life.

You may want to consider putting the statements on post-it notes in locations where you’ll see them often. For example, you could place them on a mirror, in your wallet, by your bed or on your refrigerator.

Have Courage and Try Again

When I'm working with my clients I often hear my own inner voice whispering, “Tell them to have courage and to try again.” Your past does not equal the future. Yesterday’s failure does not equal your future outcomes. You're a different person than you were just a year ago. Nothing is a failure if you learn something from the experience. Things don't always go the way you’d planned. It might be helpful to think about these temporary setbacks as God's way of helping you to grow strong in the broken places.