Dear Intuitive Seeker –

I’ve noticed a theme among my intuitive reading clients last month. There were a lot of folks struggling with job loss, health and relationship challenges, and various difficulties with family members. However, what stood out was that several of them chose the “I’ll just bloom where I’m planted” mode of handling life’s challenges.

I like the empowering message that the phrase evokes. It invites us to think about our situation differently. Yes, perhaps you’re out of work, but what could you do that’s fun while you’re looking? Maybe you’re going through a bad patch with your significant other. You can use intuitive resources to reframe the situation and work out some new and creative solutions. Whatever your situation, you can choose to bloom right where you’re planted.

“Ruth” told me she had been out of work for over six months and was understandably discouraged. One day, she felt an intuitive nudge to use her mentoring skills in a new way. She decided to volunteer for a local women’s shelter. She became close to another woman who was also a volunteer. It turned out that this woman was a senior vice president at a local company. Ruth had sent her resume there and hadn’t heard back. After seeing Ruth’s skills in action, the woman asked her to join her department!

“Bob’s” mother had died last year. His sadness was compounded by the fact that his brother had stopped speaking to him after their mom’s funeral. He had spent fruitless hours trying to figure out what had caused this falling out. One day while praying, he asked for guidance about how to heal this breach in communication. When he finished, he checked his email and learned that a favorite band was holding a local concert. He and his brother had gone to one of these concerts several years ago and had a great time. He decided to get two tickets. If his brother didn’t want to go or didn’t return his calls, he’d invite someone else and still have a good time. Much to his surprise, his brother accepted, and it was the beginning of a healing between them.

Where can you bloom in your life? Is there something you’ve been struggling with, suffering over or worrying about? It’s possible you can’t change the specific situation you find yourself in, but I’d love to encourage you to dream big and make life an adventure again despite your circumstances. Here are some questions to get you started:

How can you make the best of your situation?

What would make life fun or interesting again?

What are you yearning for?

What’s your next right step?

What does your intuition say?

What would you do today if you weren’t afraid?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What could you do to “bloom” right now?