You’ve got a lot of company! Have you talked to God (Inner Wisdom, Universe) about your financial concerns? There are all kinds of formal prayers beseeching the Divine for abundance. However, I’m a big believer in simply talking from your heart. “God, I’m worried about being able to pay the bills this month. I know that there are many ways you have to help me work this out and create abundance. I place this in Your hands.”

The Reverend Robert Schuller claims that “There are 365 verses in the Bible that begin with the words "Fear not." Many religions and spiritual practices encourage us to put our fears in the hands of a higher power. Say whatever is in your mind or heart but affirm what you (hopefully) know to be true, that prosperity is your divine birthright.

Do you want some more ideas about creating abundance in your life? Next month I’ll be unfolding a new guided meditation program entitled “Divine Prosperity.” Stay tuned to my newsletters and social media for more details.

Can’t wait until then? Here are some intuitive abundance techniques you can try now!

What Are You Telling Yourself About Money?

Many people find it difficult to still their mind enough to meditate effectively. It’s especially hard when you’re in a phase of anxiety. If this is true for you, simply sit for no more than five minutes and say a comforting phrase or phrases out loud or to yourself.

Here are some of my favorites:

“The Universe is abundant.”

“God provides all that I need.”

“I let go of fear and worry and know that everything is working out fine.”

“I allow abundance to enter my life in great and unexpected ways. I have more than enough. All my needs are met.”

“I am a magnet for wonderful new opportunities.”

What are your favorite comforting phrases?

An Intuition Abundance Exercise:

Take time each day to visualize and affirm your abundance goal. In this way you add power to the vibrational energy that will attract your intention. Your feelings and emotions are an important part of this process. What does it feel like to have the prosperity that you want? Use the power of your emotions as you visualize.

If you find yourself dwelling on lack and scarcity, simply re-direct your thoughts. The affirmative statements above may help. When you notice yourself focusing on pessimistic or negative thoughts, shift your focus to what you want.

Each day take at least one action step toward what you're excited about. This might mean taking a class, going to an informational interview, joining a club or association, writing an article, making a call, sending an e-mail. Your excitement or curiosity about something is a message from your intuition about the next step to take. Whatever it is -- do it!

Your objective should be to enjoy this process. Learn to be grateful for all that you've created. As you move towards your desired outcome, you'll find new objectives emerging. That's fine and as it should be. Remember to have fun!

Begin to notice any abundance coming your way. Perhaps a friend paid for lunch, you discovered a coin on the street or you found a discount for something you needed to buy. Your desire for abundance may not be fully realized in a day, week or month. Simply pay attention to things shifting in your favor.

Let me know what happens! What’s your best tip for manifesting desired change? What would you like to add to this list?