Your Intuition Will Appreciate It!

Summer is upon us here in the U.S. Time to relax, kick back and enjoy life, right? Uh…no…not if you listen to many of my intuitive reading clients. I’m hearing about a lot of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

If you’re on this newsletter list, you know that I’m a big fan of intuition. It’s your inner compass. It’s a guide for your life. And it doesn’t communicate too effectively when you’re in near constant turmoil. It’s difficult to hear its wisdom through the chaos and drama! Want some ideas for chilling out that will enable you to hear its clarion call? Try these ideas!

Living a spiritual contemplative life isn’t easy in the hustle and bustle of the world today.

It’s lovely to consider a long and relaxing vacation by the beach or in the mountains. But what if that’s not on the agenda? Or in the budget? That’s why taking “pause breaks” throughout your day are so important. Check out this list and see which ones your intuition says “YES!” to. (HINT: It will be the ones that make you breathe a sigh of relief.)

Play with your pet.

Cook a simple nourishing meal.

Enjoy the meal in silence.

Be in nature (walking, biking, hiking, skiing, running).

Listen to some relaxing music.

Read an uplifting book.

Pamper yourself with a massage, pedicure or a Reiki session.

Give yourself permission to do nothing for a period of time.

Sit in your favorite chair and gaze out the window.

Meditate or pray.

Call your family or a friend.

Engage in a hobby you enjoy.

Take a break from your electronics.

Watch the weather — clouds, rain, snow, or wind in the trees.

Clean up a little corner of your home or office.

Go for a swim.

Pack a picnic and head out to a park.

Buy or pick some fresh flowers.

Treat yourself to a movie, restaurant or dancing.

Write in your journal.

Create a vision board.

Draw, paint, knit or do crafts.

Take a long hot, relaxing bath.

Work in your garden.

Intuition thrives on these brief pauses throughout your day. As you do them, listen within. What wisdom is being shared with you?

What are your favorite “pause breaks?” I’m curious…what wise guidance did you hear when you took one?