How to Find Peace During Times of Crisis

I’m hearing from so many clients who are going through a difficult life transition. In the past week I spoke with a woman whose mom just died. Another client lost her job unexpectedly. A man told me how his wife’s illness had wiped out most of the retirement savings.

Several years ago I wrote a book entitled “LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis.” I interviewed many people who had experienced a crisis in their lives. They shared their stories and their wise advice about what helped them get through a difficult time. I’m sharing some of this advice with you and hope that you too will find some peace in their counsel. Here are 19 ways to find calm in the midst of crisis.

Be extra kind to yourself. If you’re going through a crisis, it isn’t the time to beat yourself up or get down on yourself for some perceived failing. Simply do the best you can every day. Trust that things will get better.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed, simply stop. Wherever you are, take a few slow deep breaths. It will help you feel calmer and realign your spirit.

It’s okay to cry. It’s even better to cry with Hugs and a reassuring presence make you feel less alone.

Find time to go within everyday. Your faith may be in God, Goddesses, angels, Buddha, guides, Jesus, Divine Consciousness or simply yourself. Seek the still, quiet within to connect with Wisdom.

Take time to help others. Research shows that volunteering is helpful in healing depression, fear and anxiety. Often the one being helped the most is you!

Go slow. Rest. Take it easy. Build downtime into each day. Your body and soul need time to heal. The precious buds of miracles often take root in the fertile soil of sleep, rest and healthy food.

Keep your focus on the good things. You may still be coping with fear and loss. These things do not need to define your life. Joy, pleasure and happiness can, and often do, co-exist with pain.

Take the first step in faith. The power of the Universe will be there to support all future steps. You will be led in grace on the right path.

Check in daily with your intuition. Asking “what” questions is key. “What’s my next step?” “What would make me feel better now?”

Look for the good. Know that life is always changing and that things can and get better.

Keep your focus on the present moment. “In this moment, I am okay.” When you’re ready, expand that into hours, then days, then weeks.

You can’t figure everything out by yourself. You need to connect, be in community, step out of your comfort zone and create new pathways for possibilities.

If you don’t know where you’re headed, simply say, “Let me be open to new possibilities.”

If you can remain peaceful within, the outside circumstances hold less power over you.

Sometimes the message to take it “one day at a time” is too much. Give yourself permission to cry, rant and rave. If you can only take it a minute or an hour at a time, that’s fine, too. Just keep loving yourself. You’ll get through to the other side.

If you’re faced with an emergency, sit down, center yourself and pray. Ask for guidance. Receive it. Hear it. Act on it.