Dear Intuitive Newsletter friend -

Life is full of ups and downs. How you respond to a challenge in life – whether major or minor – influences the outcome. Learn to hear and trust your inner voice, and your life will profoundly change for the better.

  1. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, stop whatever you’re doing and take a few…slow…deep…breaths. It will calm you and realign your spirit.
  2. Keep your focus on where you want to go, not on where you’ve been. All endings become new beginnings.
  3. God’s delays are not denials. Be patient. If you’re still here, God isn’t finished with you yet.
  4. Pursue your gut feelings. That’s your intuition leading you to your next right step.
  5. Check in daily with your intuition. Asking “what” questions is key -> “What’s my next step?” “What would make me feel better now?”
  6. If you don’t know where you’re headed, simply say, “Let me be open to new possibilities."
  7. Find time to go within every day. Seek the still, quiet voice. Meditate, pray, ask...and listen.

Remember: this too shall pass. — Most likely you have gone through a difficult time in the past. It could be a positive but anxiety-producing time such as graduating from college, getting a first job or becoming a new parent. What helped you then? Each time you face a new challenge, remember to concentrate on the skills, talents and resources that enabled you to survive the last rough patch. There are ebbs and flows in life. Begin to welcome and embrace the new life that is waiting to emerge.

What about you? Do you have any techniquesto share about honoring a life change?


Excerpted from LISTEN: TrustingYour Inner Voice in Times of Crisis

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