This year has brought a lot of change in my life! One of the biggest was selling our home on Cape Cod and moving to the southern Maine coast. I could tell you all the practical reasons for the move, but honestly, I felt intuitively guided to do it. I hasten to add that just because my intuition said “move” it didn’t mean the entire transition was easy and effortless! There were a lot of ups and downs.

Every major decision means you enter into a new cycle of transformation. This may require new beliefs, a different spiritual path, a new career, the beginning or ending of a relationship. It may also mean letting go of familiar people and places and moving on.

Throughout the past few months I’ve thought about ways to happily survive a big life transition.

It’s Okay to Be in a Transition

Several years ago when I was going through a particularly tough time, a friend shared her helpful theory. She said, “When everything is falling apart something new is about to break through.” I’ve always remembered that and taken it to heart. It’s easy to get stuck in a quagmire of thinking that makes you fear you’ll be trapped in this awful situation forever. Things change. Life changes. It usually gets better if we can allow our intuition to guide us. In the meantime, it helps to believe that we’ll get through this and emerge on the other side feeling better, more hopeful and with a deeper wisdom.

What Would Be Fun?

When you’re going through a major transition, life often feels dreary and heavy. Your thinking may simply revolve around “what should I do to get out of this rut?” and you come up with a rehash of old options as a response. All the answers probably seem too difficult to achieve or require more effort and energy than you presently have available. Your first task is to get the energy moving in your life again. You want to get out of the emotional state that’s keeping you where you are. One of the best ways to accomplish this is doing things that are enjoyable. What’s fun for you? This doesn’t need to be a long vacation (although it could be!) Most people find they can shift their energy by doing simple things; reading a good book, doing something creative, listening to music, going to a fair, sitting by the beach, planning a get together with friends, taking a class or meeting new people. Begin now to plan something fun on a more regular basis.

Your Doubts and Fears Are Normal

Don’t let doubt guide your life and your decisions. Accept uncertainty, anxiety, and even fear, as your companions on the path of change. You’ve made it this far in life. You’re learning new skills, relying on your inner guidance, and making decisions that allow you to choose what makes you feel alive with excitement, not deadened with fear and frustration. Shakespeare put it this way, “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” Do you want to make your dreams come true? Or your doubts? Have courage and be kind to yourself as you choose the path God is directing you to … through your intuition.

What Are You Yearning For?

When you’re in a transition you may also be unclear about your future goals. It feels a lot easier to take actionable next steps when your intention is well-defined. What if it’s not? How do you move forward? Here’s a clue — what are you yearning for? Close your eyes. Put your hand over your heart. Take a deep breath and ask yourself that question. The answer may surprise you and provide some helpful next steps. People often report emotion-based words such as “ease,” “nature,” “adventure,” or “rest.” What words (or images) come to you? Once you have that information, open your eyes. What action steps could you take based on your answers? This is your intuition giving you a homework assignment. It may not be the ultimate guide to getting you unstuck but it’s the beginning of a roadmap. It’s the clues leading you out of where you are to where you want to be.