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“I swear that Lynn’s insight has kept my business flourishing over the past few years. I call her when I have a potential new hire,  when I'm making a pitch to a potential client and also when I need insight about my own life direction. She’s the best!” — Roger N.

“I was really anxious about my intuitive reading with Lynn. However, right from the start, she put me at ease. I don’t know how she knows what she knows. She just had such interesting insights into some complicated family dynamics that have plagued me for years. I left our session feeling so relieved. A weight has been lifted from my life.” — Jessica 

“Oh my gosh, Lynn! You are the real thing! No woo-woo for you. You are practical, kind, funny and helpful. Just what I needed!” — Albee

“I’m happy to give Lynn a 5 star endorsement. I had a reading with her last year. Through her intuition she gave me some very helpful ideas and action steps to take. Once I implemented these things my life turned around. My sales increased and I started a new (and promising) relationship. She predicted both and she was right! Now, if only she could just provide the winning lottery number. “ — Tim in Westport

"Lynn is a gifted intuitive. I had a great sense of clarity and energy. I am so grateful to Lynn and would highly recommend having a session with her."

Lynn's warm and gracious manner immediately invites confidence and puts the client at ease. Her insights are gently but firmly imparted; I felt very reassured and had some solid pieces of wisdom to confirm my own intuitions, and put into play in a personal dilemma I was facing. Highly recommend! — Lucy L.

I love Lynn's honesty, sense of humor and her groundedness. I'm in such gratitude having connected with her! — Martha T.

After an intuitive reading with Lynn, I felt energized and excited as opposed to feeling worried and stressed. She provided guidance on the best way to proceed in regards to my career. For the first time (in a long time) I feel enthusiastic about what the future holds! — Gabriela R.

Lynn is a gifted intuitive. I had a great sense of clarity and energy. I am so grateful to Lynn and would highly recommend having a session with her. — Anne M.

I've been feeling a little discouraged about my lack of clients. Lynn gave me such great marketing advice. She saw the potential in my business AND in me! After her reading I really feel rejuvenated and excited. I never expected such practical information. Lynn, I think you are a spiritual marketing guru! — Sharon

Intuitive Readings

Facing a new challenge or transition in life? An intuitive reading can be of enormous help, as well as helping you to get more out of your personal or business life. You'll find ways to stop feeling stuck, and find more clarity about your purpose and calling in life.


Business Advice

Perfect for entrepreneurs and executives to provide clarity about your vision, plans, and next steps. Discover creative marketing ideas, and insight about partnerships, peers, or employees. An intuitive sounding board to help you create more prosperity.